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About our burgers

Our burgers are 100% vegan - they don’t contain any animal products.

They’re served on a vegan bun with ketchup and homemade mayonnaise, green salad, slices of seasonal fruit (hummus, onion chutney, grilled seasonal vegetables).

All burgers have a 100g patty.

Other than the size, the difference is also in the taste of the buns.

The ingredients of the patties are written under each burger.

Green burger (mediterranean)

Rich with leafy green vegetables, this burger has a specific taste combination which is reminiscent of the well known, Adriatic climate. The ingredients compliment each other without overpowering and you can taste the subtle nuances of the healthy green veggies. At the end of the day, your grandma will be proud that you chose this burger.

Burger Zeleni
Burger Crveni

Red burger (spicy)

This spicy burger is seasoned with cayenne pepper, chili, and pepperoncinis which send a strong, fiery punch directly into your mouth. Besides the spices, the bright red color comes from fresh beetroot. If you’re brave, love spicy food, and have slain a dragon then this burger is for you.

Yellow burger (oriental)

Different combinations of squash and zucchini combine with corn and beans to give it a true eastern fusion. Turmeric, besides highlighting the flavor of the burger, also adds to the shiny yellow color. If we weren’t in Zagreb we’d really think we were in Japan, at least this way we can wonder what it’d be like in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Burger Zuti
Burger Smedi

Brown (arboreal)

Mushrooms and walnuts are real forest ingredients which give this burger its unique characteristics. Each bite will remind you of walking across dry, Autumn leaves. If you do accidentally find yourself in the middle of the woods you’ll be happy you ordered two of these burgers before heading out.

Raw Smooth Superfood

The term raw smooth superfood means a combination of cold pressed juices and smoothies from different fruits and vegetables. It’s made together with many spices, ground seeds, natural oils, and powders. It’s a complete meal that’s light and balanced, containing all of the elements our body needs for normal function and development. Containing over 40 ingredients, this magical drink elevates you physically and mentally, while physiologically balancing the flow of energy in your body.


Shungite Water

Each bottle contains its own shungite rock.