Under the EU Cookie Law we are obligated to issue this Cookie Notice for visitors to our website. It sets out how we use your personal data and it is required to protect your privacy.
This information is intended for you only and to improve your experience of our website.
Cookies are small text files the site creates and stores on its users’ computers. They are designed to help the website recognise your browsing history, visited links, to know on which websites you have a user profile
and to recognise which pages of the website you have visited. Only cookies that are necessary and help users are used.
In keeping with the General Data Protection Regulation this notice sets our which cookies we use so that you can decide whether you agree to their use, want to delete them or completely disable them.
Cookies enable Barcode Mitra to offer their products, recognise you on subsequent visits and see your preferences and sites you visit and apps you use, whether you are registered or logged in or not.
There are session and persistent cookies.
Session cookies are temporary files active only until you leave the site and close your browser. A new session cookie is generated when you open a website and are permanently erased when you close your browser.
Persistent cookies stay in your browser’s subfolders on your computer or mobile device for a certain duration
period. They are activated automatically when you visit a certain website. They help websites remember your information, such as your user name and password, which enables the “remember me” function, so that you do not have to enter your user name and password every time you visit our website and want to log in.
Cookies are used for the following purposes:
• gathering information entered in forms on the website during one session
• identification – authentication
• validation of your connection with a specific service offered on our website
• gathering statistical data on your visits to our website (analytics and research)
• sharing information with our partners offering services on our website; information is shared
exclusively for the purpose of providing services, products or functions
• connecting with social networks, which can use information on your visits to our website to post ads
on other websites you are visiting
• website and product security and integrity
• website features and services enable use of functions we need to provide services and products
• remembering specific user preferences
• offering contents relevant to your location
• improved user experience
You decide whether you will allow cookies or not. If you disable cookies, some services on our website will
no longer be available to you.
To disable cookies on this website, simple erase them from your cookie folder in your browser. You can also
set your browser to block cookies or send you a notice prior to storing a cookie on your computer.
For more information on privacy protection, please read our Privacy policy.
For any additional information on the ways we use web cookies, please contact us.